Gratitude is the acknowledgement of what is valuable to us as an individual and giving thanks to the things we have in our lives. This covers anything that holds deep meaning to us, whether that be physical possessions, relationships, experiences, spirituality, sensations, emotions or our health. Practising gratitude has been found to greatly benefit our psychological and physical wellness by increasing positive emotions and self-esteem, improving relationships and enhancing sleep quality.

If I was to ask you how your day was yesterday, what would be the first thing that comes to mind? Is it something that you found difficult, does your mind drift to a negative situation, experience, emotion or thought? Debriefing our days can often be filled with negative thoughts and emotions, which can build resentment towards your role in the family unit. When we take the time to acknowledge the positive aspects of our day and moments we were grateful for, we are trying to lower how much we buy into the negativity.

Negative thinking is a common tendency for a lot of people. Our minds tend to stick to negative events of what we did wrong or found overwhelming, which can then lead to a spiral of negative thinking and behaviours. While it is important to still acknowledge these negative moments and accept them as they come, we should also step back and reflect on the positive moments that have existed alongside this discomfort. 

Our highlight a day journal is exactly this, a place to write down one positive moment a day that you want to remember. On days when it all feels too much, you can return to this journal and read all about the beauty you found amongst the chaos of parenthood.

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