meet the creator

Hey everyone, I’m Erin! 

As a proud mother of three, I understand firsthand that the journey
of parenthood changes and develops every day. One moment you feel on top of it all, the next you wonder how you will get through each minute of the day! After experiencing my own struggles with the transition to motherhood after the birth of my first child, I quickly discovered the lack of available support for women and families during the first year of parenthood and beyond.

When returning to work, I focused on developing my knowledge of perinatal and infant mental health through various training courses. I aimed to understand how to better
provide guidance to new parents as they journey through the ups and downs of parenthood.

My goal is to help families embrace the messiness that is parenthood and learn to find the highlight in every day, even when this seems impossible. I cannot wait to be a
part of your journey, and assist you in celebrating its uniqueness.

  • Closing my eyes, I can still picture my Grandma and Pa’s garden in the spring; colourful dahlia’s in the sunshine and the buds just waiting to bloom. I would wander the garden with my Pa, embracing the colours and shapes of each flower and creating the most beautiful bunches to take home. I remember this like it was yesterday, right down to the half-cut lemonade bottle used as the vase. My Grandparents are part of my most special memories, and while the garden may be gone now the dahlia will always hold me close to them, providing me strength and comfort whenever I need it. With this sense of love in mind, I could not think of a more fitting name for my brand. 

  • Symbolising new beginnings and inner strength, the dahlia flower is a representation of showing compassion during difficult times and embracing positive moments through gratitude. They are often gifted to express support and congratulations to those who are undergoing periods of change. The dahlia reminds us to embrace the many changes we experience in our lives. From the moment we’re born, through every stage of our lives, to the time we leave our physical world, there are treasured moments in every day. Some of these moments may be difficult and challenge us, however there are also moments of beauty and ever-evolving love that grows around us.